#33 The World Cup كـــــأس الــــعــــــــالـــــــم

تنطلق اليوم منافسات أقوى بطولة في كرة القدم، #كأس_العالم 2018 في #روسيا، والتي من المقرر أن تتواصل حتى الخامس عشر من تموز/ Continue reading #33 The World Cup كـــــأس الــــعــــــــالـــــــم

#30 Slow News

أعلنت الحكومة البريطانية، الاثنين، تعيين ساجد جاويد وزيراً للداخلية.

و جاويد (48 عاما) هو مسلم من أصل باكستاني، ولد في 5 ديسمبر عام 1969 في روتشديل بمقاطعة يوركشير البريطانية، وهو سياسي بريطاني ينتمي لحزب المحافظين البريطاني ووالده هاجر من باكستان إلى بريطانيا منذ أكثر من 50 عاماً.      Continue reading #30 Slow News

#28 The Story of Letters

Here are two stories. the main purpose is to practise reading the Letter Alif (A)  and Baa´(B) and learn some vocabulary

Ahmed and Amal went to the zoo. They saw the lion, the rabbit, and the big snake. Ahmed and Amal sat on a big (long) seat and ate delicious pears, and then went back home happily.  Continue reading #28 The Story of Letters

#27 Masculine and Feminine in Arabic

While learning a foreign language, it is a bit hard to guess or figure out if a certain noun is masculine or feminine because what is masculine in your mother tongue can be feminine in the language you are learning. Sometimes we need to know that to use the right article or let’s say demonstrative pronoun. below you can download

the lesson in  PDF format. Cheerz

Masculine-and-Feminine-in-Arabic PDF

#26 The definite Article in Arabic

What is the definite article “the”  in Arabic? Well, here is the answer: In Arabic, “AL” ال “ The” is added to any noun. It does not matter if the noun is singular or plural or masculine or feminine. However, when it comes to pronunciation, we distinguish between two types of definite articles. The rest of the lesson can be downloaded in a PDF format below.


The-Definite-Article PDF

#25 Nominative Sentence in Arabic

In Arabic, there are two types of sentences: a Nominative sentence which consists of a noun and an adjective and a Verbal sentence which consists of a verb. As simple as that. Examples,

الطقس مشمس

ا لأكل لذيذ

السيارة سريعة

التلميذ ذكي

#24 Daily Routine in Arabic

What do you do before you start your day? two brothers are going to tell us what they do when they wake up in the morning! As for the English translation, I have tried to make it fit the Arabic one syntactically at least. As you may notice, there is a little bit of repetition here. I hope it helps anyways. Cheerzs

hello, I am your friend Walid. I am 5 years old. 
 Good morning. I am your friend Saiid. I am 3 years old
Walid: everyday, I wake up at 7 o’clock. I tidy up my bedroom.


Continue reading #24 Daily Routine in Arabic

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