#16 Telling the time in Arabic.

 So, how can you say what time is it in Arabic? I got the answer for you. I think telling the time in Arabic is pretty easy. all you need to know is number. Yeah, you should go back and learn the numbers in Arabic and you will be fine.  Here is the link for you http://www.ar-l.org/?p=46 

And as you usual, below there is the PDF lesson. Cheerz

Telling the time

#12 The weekend is here!

Thanks God, it´s the weekend, I was walking to work and I thought about taking my phone and simply record. Right here I am talking about what is going on here, and my two idea boring plan for the weekend. Anyways, I hope you will learn something out of it. And as usual, you can have access to the PDF file below.


Weekend PDF

#9 Numbers in Arabic

Here I am back a with an easy lesson: numbers. I uploaded the lesson in a PDF format so that it will be easy to print and use whenever you want. on the left there are numbers that you use in your everyday life and on the left you find numbers as used in the middle east and some other Arab countries. In the middle, you have the Arabic word for every single number. For the time being, the numbers are from 0 to 11. The rest will be on later on.



Numbers PDF

#5: Prepositions in Arabic


while learning a foreign language, prepositions are the hardest part to learn and of course to use. Today, I am going to start with some basic preposition of place. And by that I do mean only prepositions. I will try and do a new lesson that contains only examples of prepositions. And as usual, I will attach the lesson as PDF below. check it out.


Prepositions PDF

#3 Personal Pronouns in Arabic


In this lesson, I do talk about personal pronouns. I attached the lesson in PDF format so that it will be easy to read. what you got to know is that in Arabic there is singular, dual and plural and this can be expressed in personal pronouns. in other words, Arabic language plural is more then two. there is a pronouns used to talk about one´s self, and another one to talk about two persons and of there is the plural. I also added some examples just for the sake of clarity. Anyways, I hope I did not confuse you.

Cheerz .         Personal-Pronouns-PDF



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