#22 Colours in Arabic : song

Colours in Arabic again? Well,  this time it´s in the form of a song. And by the way,I don’t own the song.

In addition, you will be able to learn other vocabulary in the song. Check the PDF below.


Song- colours colours colours

#19 Women´s Day


If you are a pure beginner, this text servers as a reading exercise. Try to read it with the audio on and  later on without the audio just to check your progress.

PS, the audio is taken from DW.com Arabic.

PSS, the text is without vowels.
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#16 Telling the time in Arabic.

 So, how can you say what time is it in Arabic? I got the answer for you. I think telling the time in Arabic is pretty easy. all you need to know is number. Yeah, you should go back and learn the numbers in Arabic and you will be fine.  Here is the link for you http://www.ar-l.org/?p=46 

And as you usual, below there is the PDF lesson. Cheerz

Telling the time

#13 WH Questions in Arabic

when it comes to asking/formulating questions in Arabic, using WH Questions is no brainer. And by that I do mean, what, where, how and so on. Below, there is a PDF page where you can find the WH Questions in Arabic with a some examples.


WH-Questions PDF