Eating Etiquette(S)

As the title says, I am going to ramble about food in the Arab world. I am going to talk about everything around food but food itself. While growing up, I have been told that Arabs are very hospitable. So wherever you go, you will find people inviting for something to eat or drink and refusing to eat / drink is considered by many as impolite even if you had just had the biggest meal of your life somewhere else! Here is a list of the things you should consider if it happens that you are invited in Arab family:

  1. Always start with bi ismi Allah ( in the name of God) and finish with alhamdu lila ( thanks God).

2) Never handle food with your left hand.

3) don’t blow your nose at the table, but it’s OK to pick your teeth ! whoot?

4)  It’s polite to be seen to wash your hands before a meal

5)  Always remove your shoes before sitting down on a rug to eat or drink tea.

6)  Don’t sit with your legs stretched out – it’s considered rude during a meal.

7)  Always sit next to a person of the same sex at the dinner table.

8) Use only your right hand for eating or accepting food.

9) as mentioned above, refusing food is not cool .

10 ) t’s good manners to leave a little food on your plate at the end of the meal. Why is that? No idea !

11) The best part ( the meat example ) is usually served/ eaten until last, so don’t take it until offered

12) ? 

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