Part 3

Before I go ahead with the remaining alphabets, I would like to do a kind of recap or rather a short quiz to see if you can read the following words. It’s about the alphabets I have covered so far.

ثِياب clothes
يَبْنِي build
بَيْنَ between
أَيْنَ where
ثَانِي second
مَالٌ money
لَوْنٌ colour
أَمَلٌ hope
اليَمَنْ Yemen
لٌبْنَان libanon
لٍيبْيا lybia
اليابان japan
مُمَثلٌ actor
يَوْمٌ day
أُمٌ mother
أَبٌ father
إِبْنٌ son
بِنْتٌ daughter / girl
نَامَ sleep
نَمْلٌ ants

In this lesson, you will learn about a non-alphabetical sign : Hamza AND 3 more letters.
Hamza ء
Hamza is a glottal stop. It is never “joined” to anything. Here is how it looks like

ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء ء

Its form is very simple but it is used in many ways. For example

Above or below alif: أ or إ
Above wow و or ya ى

أب father
الأحد sunday
إبل camel
أراد want
نبأ news
نائم asleep
رأى see
ثنائي double

Letters هـــ ــــِهـِــ ـــــه ه
هـــ at the beginning of word
ـــهــ in the middle of a word
ـــه at the end if a word
ه at the end of a word after a disjoint letter


هو he

هي she
هم they
هامَ important

ة ـــة

it is called ta marbouta. It is not an alphabetical letter. It is found only at end of words and
is commenly used to make certain feminine.

Letter س and ش

ســـــ ســـــ ســـــ ســـــ ســـــ
ــســـ ــســـ ــســـ ــســـ ــســـ
ــــس ــــس ــــس ــــس

شـــ شـــ شـــ شـــ شـــ
ـــشـــ ـــشـــ ـــشـــ ـــشـــ
ــش ــش ــش ــش


سنة year
إسم name
شمس sun
سؤال question
شاي tea
ملابس clothes

Here is the PDF format How to read and write Arabic Part 3 PDF