Part 2

In the second part, we will learn 3 more letters and their pronunciation and words which you can read and write using these letters.
Lam = ل

This letter sounds like L just like in light , wall and late. This is how it is written at the beginning (1) , middle (2) and end (3)

You may think that L is a short form of Alif but it is not. Here are some words that contains the word L:

The combination of Alif and L has a special form. This is how it is done.

Mim = مـــــ م

This letter is “joined” and this is how it is written: beginning (1), middle (2) and end (3)

I think by now you can already read and the write the following words:

Wow = و

This letter is pronounced like the consonant w or like u. This is how it is written along with some examples.