#35 Arabic Song

As a kid, I used to hear this song often on the radio. The singer is called Wadih El Safi. He was a Lebanese singer, songwriter, composer and actor. The song that you are going to listen to is called ” Alaylu Ya Layla”.

الليل يا ليلى يعاتبني

night, oh Layla, is complaining to me (or blaming me)

ويقول لي سلم على ليلى

and is telling me to send you its regards

الحب لا تحلو نسائمه

the love’s winds/breezes is not sweet

إلا إذا غنى الهوى ليلى

unless love sings (for) Layla

اه الا اذا غنى الهوى ليلى

unless love sings (for) Layla


دروب الحي تسألني

the neighborhood’s roads are asking me

ترى هل سافرت ليلى

did Layla leave/travel?

وطيب الشوق يحملني

and the goodness of longing is taking/carrying me

إلى عينيك يا ليلى

towards your eyes oh Layla


لأجلك يطلع القمر

for you, the moon comes

خجولاً كله خفر

shy full of shyness

وكم يحلو له السفر

and how sweet travelling is to it

مدى عينيك يا ليلى

for your eyes oh Layla


لنا الأيام تبتسم

for us, days smile

ولا همس ولا نغم

without whisper or tune

وماذا ينفع الندم

and what good is it to regret

نديم الروح يا ليلى

you’re the companion (??) of the soul oh Layla


رجعت ألم أحلامي

I’m back to gather up my dreams

وأحيا بين أنغامي

and live between my tunes/melodies

وغاب ربيع أيامي

and the spring of my days is gone

وليلى لم تزل ليلى

and Layla is still Layla