#32 Kids´story in Arabic

As a pure beginner, reading kids´story is always a good idea. Here is a very easy story for you to read.


This is Omar. This is Meryam

This is a cat. They are here.

They are here.

In the garden.

They love the garden


The cat loves the garden

The cat loves (having) fun.

Come here you cat.

Here is wonderful

It is wonderful in the garden.

Come in the garden

Come here. Come here. Come here

The cat came in.

The cat loves the grass.

Omar said: it is wonderful here in the garden

Omar says:

I am having a ball. This is a ball.

He said: cat, this is a ball.


Maryem said: look. Look at

The chick

Look, Omar, look at the chick

Come and look at the chick

Omar looked at the chick.


Omar said: this is a chick.

Meryam said: yes, this is a chick

Omar said: look.

The cat wants the chick

She wants the chick, Maryem.