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أهـــــــــــــــــلا و ســـــــــــــهـــــــــــــــــلا

Dear Arabic learners,

I have created this website to help you learn or rather improve your Arabic language. Here is how it works: whenever I do have some free time, I type a lesson, record an audio and upload it. The lessons are picked at random. This means that one lesson may be for pure beginners while the next one is for advanced learners. If you have a question or a suggestion, share it with me. You can easily download the audio and the lessons in PDF formt. Hey, it would be super generous of you if you could take some of your time and rate my work / write a review on iTunes or Google Play.

Cheerz !

Twitter !


I just created a twitter account for this website. I would love to know where are my listeners from! of course you can use twitter and ask me anything concerning Arabic language. I hope I will not disappoint you ! 



#39 A Poem in Arabic

Today I do suggest a poem we had at high school. It is called the Sea Sound by Mohamed Zafzaf. Zafzaf was a Moroccan novelist and poet. Enjoy !

PS, I hope my translation did some justice to the poem in Arabic.

صوت البحر

حين نسمع صوت البحر

تنبعث الأرواح

مثل خمرة معتقة   Continue reading

#38 My City مـــــديــنـــتــي


خلال السنوات الأخيرة، أصبحت برلين مدينتي المفظلة. أعيش فيها مع أسرتي. أحب برلين  لأنها مدينة عالمية يقطنها أناس من كافة أنحاء العالم و هذا ينعكس على اللغات المتحدثة في الشوارع و   Continue reading

#37 interview

I asked the simple question who are you and @zouhirliberty recorded an answer for me. And for that I shall say THANK you. Enjoy !

السلام عليكم

إسمي محمد و عمري ثمانية و عشرون سنة من مدينة الدار البيضاء…المدينة المزدحمة بالسكان. و كمثيلاتها من المدن الكبيرة النشطة، فهي مليئة بكل ما هو تجاري و صناعي مما أهلها لتكون عاصمة المغرب الإقتصادية. أحب قراءة الكتب و السفر و متيم كثيرا برياضة كمال الأجسام

Hello, My name is Mohammed and I am 28 years old from Casablanca … the overcrowded city. Just like other big active cities, it is full of everything that  is related to industry and commerce which has qualifies it to be the economic capital of Morocco.  I like reading books and travelling. I  am also fond of body building.