#21: Hobbies in Arabic

 What do you do in your free time? here I am trying to answer this question in Arabic. Of course I did not cover all the hobbies but some of them of course. And as usual, the PDF version is below.

#20: Daily Activities in Arabic

How does my day look like? well, I just come up with some sentences in Arabic to describe my day. And as usual, the PDF format is below. Cheerz



Here is the English translation:

Everyday, I get up at 5 o’clock.

I put on my clothes.

I take my breakfast.

I take the train at 6 o’clock.

I arrive at work at 7 o’clock.

I work till 1:30 and sometimes till 3:30 and then I go back home.

I spend the rest of the day with the family.


Daily Activities PDF

#18: The weekend is here!

 Thanks God, it´s the weekend, I was walking to work and I thought about taking my phone and simply record. Right here I am talking about what is going on here, and my two idea boring plan for the weekend. Anyways, I hope you will learn something out of it. And as usual, you can have access to the PDF file below.


Weekend PDF

#17: Masculine and Feminine in Arabic

While learning a foreign language, it is a bit hard to guess or figure out if a certain noun is masculine or feminine because what is masculine in your mother tongue can be feminine in the language you are learning. Sometimes we need to know that to use the right article or let’s say demonstrative pronoun. below you can download the lesson in  PDF format.



Masculine-and-Feminine-in-Arabic PDF

#16: The definite Article in Arabic

What is the definite article “the”  in Arabic? Well, here is the answer

In Arabic, “AL” ال “ The” is added to any noun. It does not matter if the

noun is singular or plural or masculine or feminine. However, when it comes to pronunciation, we distinguish between two types of definite articles.

1) Al Shamsiya: means that the “L” in “AL” is not pronounced and the first alphabet that is attached to it is stressed. And this happens before any word that starts with the following:

The rest of the lesson can be downloaded in a PDF format below.


The-Definite-Article PDF

#14: A very short Dialogue in Arabic.


I just found a cartoon in Arabic. it is supposed to be funny…at least for kids I would say. the translation of the dialogue is as follows:

The guest :      Where is the restaurant owner so that I complain to him about the horrible food

you serve?

The waiter:  he is eating his lunch in the restaurant next to us.

I hope it is / will be useful !

#12: Numbers in Arabic

Here I am back a with an easy lesson: numbers. I uploaded the lesson in a PDF format so that it will be easy to print and use whenever you want. on the left there are numbers that you use in your everyday life and on the left you find numbers as used in the middle east and some other Arab countries. In the middle, you have the Arabic word for every single number. For the time being, the numbers are from 0 to 11. The rest will be on later on.



Numbers PDF